Air Belgium A330neo to replace Air Greenland A330neo grounded by lack of spare parts


Air Greenland’s new transatlantic aircraft, an Airbus A330-800neo named “Tuukkaq”, is currently grounded following an accident in Kastrup, and the airline is uncertain when it will be able to resume operations.

Air Greenland is working to obtain the necessary spare parts from the Airbus factory in France, but the process may take some time due to global difficulties in sourcing spare parts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In the meantime, Air Greenland is leasing other aircraft to maintain transatlantic traffic. The CEO acknowledges that this situation will result in additional costs but assures that it will not impact ticket prices in the long run. The A330-900neo from Air Belgium will temporarily operate flights between Kangerlussuaq and Kastrup until 3 June.


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