Unwanted access to a Transavia mailbox affects 80,000 passengers


Personal information from 80,000 passengers who travelled with Transavia in the period from 21 to 31 January 2015, stored in a mailbox of the airline, has been compromised. The airline reluctantly admitted in a press release. Data such as first name, last name, date of birth, flight data, booking number and services that have been credited such as luggage, skis and wheelchairs was undesirably accessed. Transavia has reported this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority

Despite the fact that this concerns data from the beginning of 2015 and that it did not contain sensitive data such as address data, credit card information or passport information, Transavia is personally informing the passengers involved about this event,” the airline said.

As our world evolves more and more to an online world, Cybersecurity risks are increasing. Unfortunately, we too have now been confronted with this. We have launched an investigation and have implemented improvements to prevent future recurrence. In addition, we invest in our information security, ensuring continuous improvement.

The compromised data does not include sensitive data such as payment data, credit card information, passport information or contact details such as address data, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. The airline has informed the passengers concerned.

For more information, visit Transavia’s website or call +31 (0)85-0022627, available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.


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