Transavia to launch Innsbruck – Brussels Airport on 17 December 2020


Transavia intends to launch a new route from Innsbruck and its first one to Brussels Airport on 17 December 2020, with 2 flights per week.

Air France-KLM Group’s low-cost carrier has opened bookings for its new route from Innsbruck, Austria, to Brussels Airport, scheduled to start on 17 December 2020 with 2 flights per week, on Thursday and Sunday. It enters in a non-direct competition with TUI fly Belgium, already flying to Innsbruck but from Antwerp.


HV9416 INN - BRU 09:25 - 10:50 ---4---
HV9415 BRU - INN 11:50 - 13:15 ---4---

HV9452 INN - BRU 11:50 - 13:15 ------7
HV9451 BRU - INN 14:20 - 15:45 ------7

Transavia was supposed to launch a mini base this summer at Brussels but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the airline had to postpone its plans for 2021. Transavia France was also forced to postpone its new route from Montpellier to the national airport for the same reason.


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