Transavia strike on Monday 19 FEB, VNV rejected an outstretched hand from airline


The Dutch Airline Pilots Association (VNV) did not want to talk to Transavia on Saturday 17 February about a bid that meets the needs of our pilots on all points. Transavia proposes mediation to VNV on Sunday 18 February, but this was also rejected by the pilots.

Transavia wanted to make an ultimate attempt to reach an agreement after 5 months of negotiations and to prevent further escalation of the conflict with the VNV-board. A wider bid is irresponsible for Transavia given the necessary investments to make Transavia healthy for the long term. Some of the requirements of the VNV-board in the area of flight schedule stability cannot be made in the operation. Accepting them would lead to irreparable damage to Transavia and to multiple flight cancellations per day.

During the meeting, the management of Transavia was surprised by the fact that the VNV-board did not want to have a conversation about the content of the offer, and refused to listen to the offer. Subsequently it is up to the VNV to react and take their responsibility. The bid of Transavia expires when the VNV announces actions. A strike could possibly make thousands of passengers the victim of the negotiations and cause millions of damage to Transavia and its partners.

The content of the offer that Transavia wanted to do, is as follows:
• Structurally 3% per 1 April 2018
• Structurally 2% per 1 April 2019
• One time 1.5% for the months 1 December 2017 to 1 April 2018
• Strongly improved profit sharing scheme with a maximum of 12% instead of 8%
• Extra capacity of 12 pilots in 2018 and 2019 to significantly improve flight schedule stability. This in addition to the already planned and executed increase of 16 FTEs.
• In addition, Transavia, in consultation with the pilots, will take structural measures to meet the wishes in terms of grip on the schedules and a better balance between work and rest in the longer term.
• Finally, Transavia would like to think along with the VNV in improving the Loss of License scheme. However, the current proposal from the VNV with the associated extra costs of no less than € 1 million for Transavia was not acceptable.

Transavia is preparing to limit any inconvenience to passengers, partners and employees in the event of a strike as much as possible. We make every effort to show passengers the actual flight information at least 8 hours before the start of a flight via our website.

On Sunday 18 February 2018, Transavia proposed independent mediation to the Dutch Pilots Association (VNV) in order to restart the conversation around the collective labor agreement. The airline continues to make every effort to prevent actions on behave of the VNV (e.g. a strike). Since Transavia aims to provide clarity to passengers who have booked a flight, the VNV has been asked to respond to the offer before Monday 19 February, 12.00 o’clock.

Passengers can find the most up-to-date information on our flight status page.


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