Transavia expands network with two destinations: Porto and Alicante


Transavia expands its flight schedule with two additional destinations: Alicante in Spain and Porto in Portugal. These destinations will be added from June 10 to destinations that will be flown again from June 4: Malaga (Spain), Athens (Greece) and Lisbon and Faro (Portugal).

Transavia will investigate each week which additional destinations and which flights can be added in the near future. All new flights and destinations are published on the website every Wednesday afternoon.

Transavia takes various additional measures to make flying as safe and healthy as possible, such as extra cleaning of the aircraft and the reduction of mutual contact. As of June 4, passengers and crew will be wearing face and mouth protection on all flights, further reducing the already low risk of spreading the coronavirus. A complete overview of the measures is available on its website.

Heraklion, Thessaloniki

The slow ramp-up includes the continuous adjustment of the flight schedule based on recent developments. This requires some flexibility of passengers (restrictions are continuously relaxed or tightened) and also the agility of Transavia. Passengers now hear about two weeks in advance whether their flight is maintained. It is possible that flights may have to be cancelled due to changes in the restrictions of a country. This means that Transavia must cancel the flights that scheduled between June 4 and 17 to Thessaloniki and Heraklion. Last weekend it was announced that only flights to Athens may be flown. Depending on the relaxation of the measures, Transavia will check weekly whether flying tp both airports is possible again.

Extension cancellation of other flights until June 17

When choosing the destinations, Transavia looked at the current restrictions and their development in the countries where it flies. Portugal, Greece and Spain offer good prospects for this in the short term. This means that flights to other Transavia destinations have been cancelled until June 17. To provide clarity about their flight, all passengers will receive a message about whether or not their flight will be cancelled.


  • Hard restrictions in Portugal have been lifted. From June 4, Transavia will restart slowly several flights to and from Faro and Lisbon and from June 10 also to Porto.
  • Spain currently has a travel advice to make necessary travel only. The country is also asking travellers to have a two-week quarantine upon arrival. Some of travellers can go to Spain despite these restrictions, for example for family visits, a house or a business reason. The entry ban for “unnecessary travel” applies in Spain until June 15. Transavia wants to offer these passengers the opportunity to travel and therefore start a number of flights to Malaga and Alicante. Based on experiences, Transavia will see whether it can fly to more destinations in Spain in the coming period.
  • Greece has an entry ban for the Dutch until 31 May. Additional measures such as quarantine will apply to Greece until 30 June. For these reasons, all Transavia passengers are advised to make only necessary trips. Transavia does fly to Athens because this airport is open for air traffic.

Schiphol, Wednesday, May 27, 2020