Talks between Transavia and the Dutch Airline Pilots Association (VNV) have stalled. New actions expected


Alongside the stabilisation of schedules, the negotiations involved the Loss of License scheme and the wage section. Constructive talks have been held and a lot of progress has been made. With regard to the stabilisation of schedules, Transavia finally agreed to all of the guarantees demanded by VNV.

We listen to our travellers and we want to be able to offer them affordable tickets in the future. It would be irresponsible on the part of Transavia to make further concessions to VNV’s pay demands given the room required to keep the company healthy in the long term”, said Mattijs ten Brink, General Manager of Transavia.

As regards the Loss of License scheme, it was agreed that Transavia will cooperate with the setting up and funding of the scheme under the supervision of the VNV. This was in accordance with the wishes of the pilots.

Unfortunately, the VNV suspended the negotiations yesterday. The sticking point seems to be the third issue, namely the wage section. Transavia regrets the stalling of the talks, in particular given the statement by the chairman of the VNV that “in terms of money, we were actually already in agreement.”

Transavia has proposed to appoint an independent mediator for the pay dispute. Although we do not expect this to be resolved in the near future, Transavia remains open to a constructive and unanimous solution. This is in the interests of the pilots, all our other colleagues and of our passengers and partners.

Schiphol, 28 February 2018


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