[Coronavirus] Transavia to cancel all flights from 23 March until 5 April and postpone launch of Brussels base to 2021


On 18 March 2020, Transavia announced it will cancel all flights from 23 March until 5 April, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Dutch low-cost airline took the decision to halt flights from the Netherlands for 2 weeks following the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs advice to travel abroad if it is only necessary, and adds that “a lot of countries are setting access restrictions because of the coronavirus, making it difficult or even impossible to travel in and out of countries” as another reason to stop temporarily their operations.

Transavia still operates flights to bring passengers home, and advises to book a flight that departs before 23 March if you are stranded abroad, to be sure that you will safely return home.

UPDATE: Transavia is to postpone its launch of “mini-base” at Brussels Airport, expected in March 2020, to March 2021.



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