[Coronavirus] Transavia adjusts Italy flight schedule


In view of the development of bookings at a number of destinations, Transavia has decided to adjust the flight schedule for Italy. This means that Transavia will operate fewer flights to destinations in Italy: Verona, Pisa, Bari, Bologna and Naples. A total of 22 flights to these destinations are now being cancelled in the period from 17 March to the end of April. That is about 10 percent of the total number of flights to Italy during this period of the year.

Transavia closely follows the developments of the outbreak of the Coronavirus and has close contact with the various national and international health and aviation authorities. The well-being of crew and passengers is very important to Transavia. Although there is only a negative travel advice for specific areas in Northern Italy, the airline noticed that passengers are currently postponing booking their tickets to a number of destinations.

Transavia keeps a close eye on the situation and bookings and where necessary it will look into whether other changes to the network are necessary. All passengers of the cancelled flights are informed of this. They can rebook their ticket free of charge to a later moment or get the costs of the ticket refunded.

Schiphol, Tuesday, March 3, 2020


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