25-year-old Dutchman vapes on Transavia flight and gets arrested in Greece


Photo by Vaporesso on Unsplash

A Dutch tourist was arrested at Kos airport after being caught smoking an electronic cigarette during a Transavia flight. The incident took place on the flight to the Greek island, confirmed a Transavia spokesperson to Dutch AD.nl

The 25-year-old man was repeatedly warned to stop vaping. “Smoking on board, including electronic cigarettes, is absolutely prohibited,” emphasized a spokesperson. The crew reported the incident, and the man was handed over to local authorities immediately upon arrival. “This kind of behavior endangers the safety of passengers,” said Transavia.

Smoking cigarettes, including electronic variants, has been banned on airplanes since the 1990s. This rule was implemented to prevent safety risks such as fire hazards. “The smoke alarm can go off. It is dangerous and therefore strictly prohibited,” added the Transavia spokesperson.

The incident on the flight to Kos is a rare occurrence. “Such reports are not common,” according to the spokesperson. “Passengers generally know that smoking on board is not allowed. Our crew is trained to respond quickly and handle such situations.”

Smoking on board can lead to fines and criminal prosecution. In many countries, including Greece, violators can face fines of up to thousands of euros. It is unclear if the Dutchman will have to pay such a high fine. He has since been released. The Greek police in Kos were not available for comment.


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