Ukrainian pianist banned from KLM Inflight Entertainment System


KLM has received complaints from passengers about pianist Valentina Lisitsa’s contribution to our Inflight Entertainment System.

KLM wants all passengers to feel welcome on board and to experience a pleasant flight. In some instances, KLM gets requests from passengers to alter aspects of its product that they consider to be sensitive, unclear or incorrect. KLM has therefore decided to remove the recordings of the pianist in question from its Inflight Entertainment System.

Amstelveen, 28 August 2015

Background: Valentina Lisitsa is a Ukrainian-American classical pianist born in Kiev who resides in North Carolina. Lisitsa independently launched the beginnings of her career via social media, without initially signing to a tour promoter or record company.

Lisitsa has received criticism for her staunch opposition to the Ukrainian government and support to pro-Russian separatists since the 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine and the ensuing armed conflict.

This year Ms. Lisitsa contract and concerts were cancelled by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra because of her heinous tweets where she calls Ukrainians “dog shit”, “pigs”, “nazi” and celebrates terrorists responsible for taking down MH17‬ and killing close to 300 people on board including nearly 200 Dutch citizens.


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