Toronto Airport: KLM flight aborts takeoff due to nearby landing LOT aircraft


A recent incident at Toronto Pearson International Airport saw a flight compelled to abort its takeoff when another plane unexpectedly decided to change its exit from the active runway. The event unfolded on March 22 around 21:00 local time.

As a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight KL692 (Boeing 787-10 registered PH-BKC) was holding short of runway 06L and prepared for takeoff, LOT Polish Airlines flight LO45 (Boeing 787-9 registered SP-LSB) was in the process of landing. When LO45 was about to exit the runway at taxiway C5, KL692 was cleared for immediate take-off. However, shortly afterwards, LO45 announced they would exit runway C7 instead (near the end of the runway), which was close to the end of the runway where the KLM flight was poised for takeoff.

With the KLM flight accelerating to approximately 110 knots (over 200 km/h), it was directed to abort its takeoff to avoid potential collision. The minimum distance between the two aircraft was approximately 5,400 feet, fortunately resulting in no injuries. KL692 vacated the runway at taxiway D1

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) categorised the incident as “classification 5,” denoting a minor occurrence not necessitating a detailed investigation. While there is potential to glean new safety insights, the incident is deemed to hold limited public interest beyond the immediate area.

CYYZ Airport diagram © Public Domain,


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