KLM steward arrested in Singapore for not respecting coronavirus rules

© Ivan Coninx

Last month, on 14 November, a KLM flight attendant was arrested in Singapore for not respecting the local coronavirus rules, the airline confirmed to Dutch NHNIEUWS.NL. The steward got caught in the hotel lobby, while he was not allowed to leave his room and is still in custody.

Countries like Singapore, Thailand and China impose strict coronavirus rules for foreign crew members. Pilots and flight attendants are taken from the airport to their hotel, are not allowed to leave the room, unless for room service or for their return to the airport.

These rules, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, also applies to KLM staff who lay over in Singapore, even if the crew stays multiple nights. Every KLM crew member has been informed about the strict rules, yet the steward left his room and went to the hotel lobby.

What the steward was going to do and whether he knew that he could only stay in his room is not yet clear. He is currently staying in a detention room (waiting area? / Nederlands: woonruimte) in Singapore pending legal charges.

A KLM spokesperson confirmed the arrest: “On 14 November, a KLM crew member violated the local quarantine rules by temporarily leaving his hotel room without permission.” For privacy reasons, the airline didn’t make further announcements.

Source: KLM-steward opgepakt in Singapore na verlaten hotelkamer


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