Six passengers arrested after brawl on board KLM flight between Manchester and Amsterdam


While your crew ensures your safety on board, there must still be passengers who don’t take it with the safety regulations … the fight of the day happened this morning on board a KLM flight between Manchester, United Kingdom and Amsterdam Schiphol, The Netherlands. 

Luckily, the fight started on the ground after landing. Why the brawl started is still unclear. In a video that appeared on social media, some guys are punching another one. A passengers shouts: “Behave! This is an aircraft goddamit !!

After a few attempts, the KLM crew was able to intervene. None of the crew members got injured, a KLM spokesperson told Dutch press.

The captain alerted the police. In total, six passengers were arrested by Dutch Marechaussee. One of them got slightly injured. At moment of writing, all six are still in custody.


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