Several airlines refuse to park overnight in Kyiv by fear of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine

Snow at Kyiv airport © Jan Millet

SWISS, Austrian Airlines and KLM have abandoned night parking in Kyiv Boryspil, changing their flight schedule so that planes and crews are in Ukraine only during the day. The reason is the threat of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine.

On January 23, Austrian Airlines scheduled an evening flight OS667 Vienna-Kyiv. But instead of a night stop at Boryspil airport, the plane immediately returned to Austria as a special flight OS1402. In the morning, the airliner was supposed to deliver passengers from Kyiv to Vienna on a regular flight OS668, but the airline cancelled the flight.

Swiss Airlines cancelled the evening departure of flight LX2290 from Zurich to Kyiv on January 23. Instead, the plane was sent to Kyiv on a special flight LX7390 on the morning of January 24 to pick up passengers and return immediately.

KLM flights with number KL1387 from Amsterdam to Kyiv is cancelled from January 22. They envisioned night parking in Ukraine with a morning flight back. 



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