KLM reopens voluntary resignation scheme as airline anticipates further market deterioration


Yesterday (19 October), KLM reopened a voluntary resignation scheme (Vrijwillige Vertrekregeling 2020) targeting specific divisions and departments in order to minimise involuntary dismissals. The aim is to cut the overhead now that the airline knows where to downsize and how to further simplify its organisation. 

At the end of July, KLM announced to employ around 5,000 fewer people than it did before the corona pandemic. The Dutch airline has already downsized by way of various measures, including non-renewal of short-term contracts (1,500 jobs) and a voluntary resignation scheme (2,000 jobs).

The target to shed 5,000 jobs was based on a 20% reduction in the airline’s Summer 2021 schedule, but the reality deviates significantly from what was expected: KLM’s winter schedule will be a lot more restricted than it was in the same period last year. E.g. the timetable for the European network in November is currently around 55% of capacity compared to the same period in 2019.

KLM is anticipating a further deterioration, which will ultimately have a direct impact on the amount of employees the airline will need in (Summer) 2021. As mentioned earlier, another 10% less production means another 1,500 fewer jobs.

KLM prepares for restricted winter schedule

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