Norwegian couple misbehaves on KLM flight to Panama; purser attacked


A Norwegian couple on KLM flight KL757 between Amsterdam and Panama behaved that badly that they were detained and immediately sent back to the Netherlands, under police escort.

A 26-year-old female passenger terribly mistreated the purser after she was refused more alcohol. The passenger will stay in a Dutch prison until next 18 January, that day she will appear in court. The 33-year-old male co-passenger has been released, according to the Dutch Public Prosecution Service.

During the flight, the cabin crew already had their hands full with the couple. While the man was “only” verbally aggressive, his wife became really aggressive: in the galley, the purser got a punch full in the face.

The cabin crew chief was also pulled by the hair while the Norwegian lady made kicking movements to her head. A colleague was able to relieve the victim. Already in-flight the passenger was immobilized; the cabin crew used oven mitts to protect themselves from the spitting and biting movements of the woman.


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