KLM signs codeshare agreement with NextJet from Sweden

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the Swedish airline NextJet today announced that they have signed a codeshare agreement to expand both airlines’ global network.

Thanks to this new agreement both KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and NextJet will be able to offer their customers more destinations and more options to choose from starting March 26. KLM will add a KL code to NextJet’s domestic route network, enabling KLM’s passengers from around the world connecting in Stockholm and Gothenburg to continue with a single ticket issue and a one-stop check-in and baggage transfer to:

  • Arvidsjaur, Jönköping, Karlstad, Kramfors-Sollefteå, Lycksele, Örnsköldsvik, Sundsvall-Härnösand [Midlanda] and Vilhelmina in Sweden
  • Kokkola and Mariehamn in Finland

We are very happy to announce a new codeshare agreement with NextJet. Sweden is a strong business and leisure market for our passengers. We consider NextJet a key partner to enhance our footprint in the Nordic.

Frank Prillevitz, KLM Director Alliances

We are very proud to announce that we are now strengthening our partnership with KLM, an airline with a long history of flights to Scandinavia and Finland. With the enhanced partnership, we will be able to share NextJet’s experience with everyone who wants to visit the Nordics by flying with KLM through Amsterdam on one ticket from more than 150 KLM destinations.

Magnus Ivarsson, CEO NextJet
16 March 2017


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