KLM resumes flight operations Denpasar – Singapore – Amsterdam


Today the authorities have reopened Denpasar airport. The flights to and from Denpasar can be resumed. This is only possible when the aircraft do not come close to the dangerous ash cloud that still hangs over the Mount Agung volcano. The ash cloud is clearly visible during the day, so KLM has adjusted the flight times from Denpasar so that KLM arrives and leaves in daylight at Denpasar.

On Friday morning (09.05 local time) the first KLM flight (KL838) will depart from Denpasar to Singapore (arrival 11.35 local time) and then fly on to Amsterdam with the arrival time on Friday evening at 19.35 local time. KLM is currently approaching its passengers personally, including passengers whose KLM ticket is part of a package booked with other travel organisations. Passengers already in contact with KLM on Social Media are helped there.

KLM is doing everything it can to bring its passengers from Denpasar to their final destination as quickly as possible. For example, KLM also checks whether passengers can be transferred to their final destination via another KLM partner.

Amstelveen, November 29, 2017


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