KLM passengers with a ticket can travel safely this summer despite restrictions at Amsterdam Schiphol


Due to staffing problems at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, all airlines have a maximum number of passengers departing from Amsterdam in July and August. So also for KLM. That maximum varies from day to day. In order to meet this requirement, KLM is limiting the sale of tickets and will also cancel a number of flights on a limited scale.

With these steps, KLM expects to stay within the agreed number of departing passengers. This allows the airline to provide clarity to its customers, despite the ongoing operational challenges at Schiphol. This way, passengers who have already booked do not have to worry about whether their journey can continue.

KLM passengers whose flight is cancelled will be offered an acceptable alternative. In most cases, this will mean a flight on the same day, or as close as possible to the day of the original booking. Travellers affected by this will be personally informed as soon as possible. Passengers do not need to contact KLM for this; they receive this information automatically from KLM or their travel agent.

KLM emphasises once again that forcibly restricting travellers at Schiphol airport cannot be a structural solution.

Amstelveen, June 23, 2022


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