KLM parks aircraft at Groningen Airport Eelde due to limited capacity at Amsterdam Schiphol


Due to limited capacity at Schiphol, KLM will park a number of aircraft at Groningen Airport Eelde from 28 October next winter season. It concerns two Airbus A330 and ten Boeing 737 aircraft. This is necessary because KLM flies much less due to COVID-19 and more aircraft are unused on the ground.

KLM will fly less in the upcoming winter timetable compared to the same period in 2019. The timetable for the European network in November is currently around 49% of the capacity in 2019. KLM has been keeping a large part of the service since the start of the 2020 summer season. the fleet aground.

To keep the aircraft airworthy during this period, KLM is conducting an active parking programme, in which KLM Engineering & Maintenance employees conduct periodic inspections. The aircraft are well protected against weather influences, among other things. In addition, the program enables KLM to make the aircraft ready for use again quickly when possible again.


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