KLM launches an injunction against ground staff union FNV


This morning KLM invited ground staff union FNV to talk to each other. The union refuses dialogue and chooses to hold a work stoppage tomorrow (Wednesday) between 19.30 and 21.00. The call for strike was made to their members at Ground Services, except Passenger Services.

KLM seek a preliminary injunction against the union to ban the action and just start talking.

Says René de Groot, KLM Chief Operating Officer:

Actions are causing unnecessary stress on our customers, our company and the many KLM employees who work hard together to secure our future. Especially in this busy holiday period for KLM and Schiphol. I would like to express my appreciation and support for the majority of our colleagues who work hard and are experiencing additional discomfort from these actions

KLM has always said it wants to continue dialogue, but it does not accept a unilateral ultimatum.

Amstelveen, August 2, 2016