KLM continues flights to St Martin, but with a stopover in Curaçao


Frequencies to Curaçao substantially higher

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is adjusting its flight schedules to the Caribbean region from the start of the winter schedule 2017. Due to the current situation, from the start of the winter schedule on 29 October 2017, KLM will operate two instead of four flights to St Martin. These flights will stopover on Curaçao. The frequency of weekly flights to Curaçao will also substantially increase.

For years, KLM has had close ties with Sint Maarten,” says KLM CEO Pieter Elbers. “Under the current circumstances, we are certainly not about to leave the people on that island in the lurch. From 29 October, KLM will resume its flights to Sint Maarten stopping off at Curaçao along the way. What is more, we plan to increase our capacity to Curaçao, Bonaire, and Aruba to offer our customers a greater opportunity to fly to the Caribbean

Pieter Elbers – KLM President & CEO

KLM will soon no longer fly directly to St Martin, but will stopover on Curaçao. These twice-weekly flights will enable KLM to continue to serve St Martin.

Increasing flight frequencies to Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba

Flight frequencies to Curaçao are being increased. KLM currently operates seven scheduled services to this Caribbean island every week with Boeing 747 equipment. An extra weekly flight with an Airbus A330 will be added to the schedule from 15 November for the rest of the winter season. The two flights to St Martin via Curaçao are in addition to this service. Two more weekly flights will also operate from mid-December to the end of February 2018. This means there will be 12 flights a week between Amsterdam and Curaçao throughout this period. This is a substantial intensification of the service, reflecting KLM’s firm belief that there will be increased demand to this destination.

The number of roundtrips between Amsterdam, Bonaire and Aruba will also increase. KLM will operate an A330 service seven times a week on this route, instead of the current six, throughout the winter season.


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