KLM condemns industrial actions announced by FNV union


KLM was informed by FNV this afternoon at 16:00 on proposed actions. KLM had previously indicated it did not accept the ultimatum with the requirements set by FNV. The four other unions of ground staff to which a new collective work agreement was submitted by KLM have brought forward the proposal content to their members.

FNV has chosen a different path.

KLM condemns this action announced by FNV. The FNV action involves a call to its members not to load cargo on Thursday morning and in addition to hand out “FNV information” to KLM passengers at the check-in desks.

The freight market is currently under pressure. Therefore KLM recently had to take difficult decisions to reduce the full freighter fleet and to adapt the organization accordingly. It is a difficult period, especially for the employees involved.

This FNV call to its members is bad for KLM cargo customers and costs money unnecessarily. This may have a negative impact on employment and does not help employees in any way. Performing this kind of action is irresponsible and harms KLM unnecessary. The way forward is through dialogue and not through actions.

KLM will deploy all possible means to reduce any form of inconvenience to our customers.

FNV calls these actions customer-friendly in its report to KLM. I find nothing friendly here. Our passengers really are not waiting for FNV nationwide promotional flyers and our freight customers want that their cargo is simply transported. The FNV call is shameful for all these thousands of KLM employees who work hard every day to make the company healthy again and to invest in the future. KLM mentality that I know was put efforts together to get the company successfully around through a difficult period

Pieter Elbers – KLM president & CEO

Amstelveen, 28 July 2016