KLM adjusts voucher policy: refunds possible


KLM always operates in accordance with national and international laws and regulations. The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of uncertainty and completely unforeseen situations for both customers and companies, which, unfortunately, are insufficiently covered by existing regulations, in many areas and also in the field of refunds.

KLM has recently issued refund vouchers for tickets on cancelled flights. These vouchers can be converted into cash after 12 months if the voucher has not been used (in full). KLM understands the uncertainty this entails for customers, but also asks for understanding for taking into account many factors.

The aviation situation has now stabilised somewhat. In this light, and also given the new recommendation from the EU Commission, Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen has decided to withdraw her previous appointment to ILT until 1 July. This means that KLM will adjust its policy accordingly for passengers whose flights will be cancelled in the coming period.

These customers are given the choice between a voucher or cash refund if they do not want a voucher. However, given the magnitude of the crisis and the number of cancellations, the processing time will be longer. We ask for understanding. KLM will also soon come up with a plan to make all vouchers more attractive in the form of extra value.

Amstelveen, 14 May 2020


  1. Then what about customers whose flights were cancelled before the 1st of july?
    Only left with the voucher?
    The law has been always same regardless this 1st of July.
    It is truly unfair.

  2. KLM finally dragged kicking and screaming into obeying the law, and STILL they avoid their responsibilities by only offering refunds for new cancellations. What about the €3 billion of customers money they are already holding? Will the Dutch government take the law seriously, or continue to let KLM behave illegally?

  3. I am due to fly today with KLM15th may 2020 my flight is cancelled as from 17th april 2020

    I want a refund not a voucher.

    Stop breaking the law KLM 7 days full refund it is LAW

  4. KLM have been told by EU that they must refund customers whose flights are cancelled due to Covid19 . They are only going to do that for flights cancelled in the future. My flight was cancelled in April so apparently I am not able to get a refund. KLM have been refunding people from USA. Israel and Korea as their governments won’t put up with KLM’s poor interpretation of EU law. Look at Facebook site ‘klm refuses tickets refund.’

  5. It’s just a new dirty trick of KLM. Yes, finally they were forced to obey the law – but they are only willing to do this in the future.
    What’s about the thousands of customers they ripped off the last weeks in forcing them illegally to vouchers? They are still keeping their money illegally. KLM is an airline operating on fraud-level.

  6. For us consumers, whos flights were booked before 21.April 20, there is NO possibility of choosing a refund.. Where are our legal rights? How can KLM get away with breaking the law so obviously? It is outrageous how that company is acting..




  8. I booked my flights in September last year! You have had my money a long time. KLM cancelled those flights mid April 2020. You’ve changed your policy. Have chosen to break European law. I’ll have to wait a year for a refund from a non existent voucher! Absolutely disgraceful. Never gain will I fly KLM again.

  9. KLM are treating their customers horrifically – refusing refunds and their new policy is even worse! So corrupt.

  10. KLM always abide by laws and regulations do they? Please.
    This airline I have always held in high regard which is why I bought my tickets from them but they have shown themselves to be nothing more than fraudulent crooks, all jokes aside if a civilian did this they would be serving a jail sentence so I don’t see why KLM shouldn’t be held accountable like anyone else. My comments don’t come from someone who is scorned just because I haven’t been refunded but a result of their complete lack of compliance for the rules, disregard for customers, lack and poor tone of communication and foul play with trying to get out of being lawful.
    Both management and customer services should be disgusted with themselves. I understand it’s not the telephonist issue as they are just the saps stuck at the forefront but maybe KLM if they survive would be better paying for them all to do further training on their customer service skills as they are the most underwhelming and rude I’ve ever experienced.
    Can safely say there is approx 2000 of us who will NEVER fly with them again. I hope they suffer spectacularly after they get back to business.

  11. I am same purchased sept 2019 fly today 15th may 2020 in 4 hours time I should have been flying I paid £1731 for my ticket and KLM have stolen my money. Go check out KLM refuse ticket refund group on favebook and discover thousands like me. There ceo should be thrown in prison. KLM you a disgrace to the county you so proudly fly the flag for and you should be stripped of your royal endorsement.

  12. September ‘19 also purchased tickets for May. £1600. It’s an absolute scandal The way they’ve handled things. How is the Dutch government allowing this to happen? SO MUCH STRESS for many people. This is not good PR- goodbye KLM after 30 years of travelling with you. An airline we loved and travel to the Far East- annually.

  13. I am owed £7000 from KLM, my flights were cancelled at the end of March. I have clearly told them that I DONOT want vouchers and want them to following the regulations in giving me my money back!!

  14. They are real crap. On the web sites they say “KLM Royal Dutch Airlines always operates in compliance with national and international laws and regulations”. In reality, they were, they are and they will be violating EC261/2004.
    For customers For us consumers booked before 21. April, there is no refund. And how about after July 1st?
    Perhaps aviation24 should asked them to clarify this new voucher policy. And the article …”Refund possible” is misleading.

  15. I have been a loyal frequent flyer for years. I have brought my entire family to fly on KLM. We always appreciated stellar service, punctuality and reliability.

    However, I am extremely disappointed with how KLM treated my family and I in the recent months. With flights that KLM cancelled, they made us walk through hell. They were sending emails with what I perceive as mis-leading and in-accurate information. They have been refusing to issue the refunds for the flights that we should have been refunded.

    I do not appreciate those tactics, and I am very disappointed. We had to involve US DOT to resolve the problems.

  16. This a disgrace my flights were cancelled 21st March 2020 and iv been battling with KLM and lastminute.com to get refund of my tickets and seats I paid for. KLM not answering the phone, emails, messenger, now this. The law when I booked my tickets and seats has never changed if an airline cancels the trip I’m due a full refund. They are just sending out vouchers which are useless and I will not be accepting them. How can this be allowed they have had billions payout to them. Absolutely a disgrace something needs to be done

  17. You will very luckly if klm and other airlines serve, and be very luckly to fly in the next 12 months so be grateful for what there are offering

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