KLM acquires majority stake in Airtrade to become a leading tour operator, also in Belgium


KLM has been offering package travel on klm.nl since 2014 under the name KLM Package Deals. The technology for this and for other KLM distribution activities is provided by the company Airtrade and has been developed together with KLM. In order to secure and further develop intellectual property, KLM has acquired a majority stake in Airtrade.

It has been agreed with The Hague and the banks that KLM will handle such acquisitions (with a maximum amount of EUR 15 million) itself. It is up to KLM to make the economic assessment.

KLM is shifting its focus from more to better, such as an even better passenger experience, sustainability and further digitisation. Investments are necessary for this and they are justified by the savings in other areas.

Amstelveen, February 22, 2021

Comment: KLM will be competing with some of its customers buying seats on KLM flights for package holidays. But leisure travel is likely to resume faster than business travel and, therefore, an investment in such activities is smart. KLM made no secret that it wants to develop tour operator activities in Belgium as well.



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