Hundreds of KLM travellers stuck in Panama for a few days after a technical problem


KLM travellers were blocked in Panama for several days after their flight from Bogota (Colombia) to Amsterdam had to divert to an airport in the Central American country due to a technical issue, as confirmed by KLM to the newspaper De Telegraaf.

At the airport in Panama, it was found that the repair would take longer, so the passengers have been rebooked.

According to KLM, the flight diverted on January 14 and the passengers eventually left with other flights on January 16 and 17. “KLM never compromises on the safety of passengers and crew. We are very aware that cancelling flights is very annoying for passengers,” sais a KLM spokesperson.

One of the passengers tells De Telegraaf that many passengers did not hear from KLM and therefore did not know where they were. KLM says that passengers were informed about the rebooking via the contact details they provided.


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