First KLM flight for Naples to depart on Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, KLM officially inaugurates Naples as its newest destination. The Italian port city of Naples will be KLM’s tenth destination in Italy, which will only be served during the summer months.
KLM will use its Boeing 737-700/800 for the flight. KLM will fly to Naples every day in July and August. During the rest of the season, it will only fly there during the weekend.


Reduce plastic waste in Italian waters

KLM celebrated the start of the new route with the Mayor and Joost Flamand, representing the Dutch embassy in Naples, in attendance. Flamand had the honour of unveiling a “sea bin” sponsored by KLM. The floating rubbish bin will remove plastic from the bay of Naples.

KLM is sponsoring five sea bins, each of which will collect about 1.5 kilos of plastic each day, including microplastics from 2 to 5 mm in diameter and microfibres starting from 0.3 mm. This will work out to about five hundred kilos of plastic each year.

Right now, there are about two hundred sea bins around the world, forty of which are in Italy. The sea bins are part of the PlasticLess project, an initiative of the LifeGate organisation.

Left to right: Gennaro Borriello, Consul of the Netherlands in Naples, Jerome Salemi, General Manager Air France-KLM East Mediterranean, Joost Flamand, designated Ambassador of the Netherlands in Italy, Luigi de Magistris, Mayor of Naples

Amstelveen, 19 April 2019


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