Covid-19 travel documents can be uploaded at home for selected KLM flights


Well prepared for travel with KLM’s COVID-19 check | Upload@Home

  • KLM customers travelling to a selected number of destinations can now have the necessary COVID-19 travel documents checked in advance
  • KLM’s COVID-19 check | Upload@Home is a new service that allows customers to travel well-prepared and smoothly

KLM understands that travelling with all the COVID-19-related requirements can be a challenge at the moment, especially because the rules change and can vary from country to country. Pre-validating the documents required by the destination via Upload@Home means that customers can be sure in advance that their documentation is in order. Also, checking COVID-19 documents in advance can speed up the check-in process at the airport.

KLM’s online check of COVID-19 documents is now available for all KLM flights to Amsterdam, and for KLM flights from or via Amsterdam to Curaçao, Dubai, Lima, St Martin, Istanbul, Germany and Spain. This number of destinations for which Upload@Home is available, is expected to increase in the near future.

22 July 2021


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