For Belgian Premier Charles Michel, the KLM advertising campaign is “not fair play”


The Dutch airline has launched a campaign aimed at passengers who are afraid to fly from Brussels Airport at Zaventem.

Charles Michel, who was invited in the Terzake programme of Belgian TV Canvas, sharply criticized the advertising campaign of the Dutch airline KLM, which is specifically addressed to passengers wishing to avoid insecurity at Brussels Airport.

I do not think it’s fair play, I do not think it’s okay. I deplore this initiative. For us it is very important to fully reopen Brussels Airport as soon as possible. We are working hard, while paying particular attention to safety.”

As a reminder, KLM offers free train between Brussels and Amsterdam, to encourage passengers to choose their company.


Reaction of KLM to Belgian Terzake programme of April 21, 2016

The Terzake programme has aired one item “KLM lures travellers away from Brussels”. Below is the full response KLM has given to the programme.

KLM flies to Brussels since 1922 and is very loyal to the airport. KLM also has over 14 years of collaboration with the high speed train connection from Brussels Midi / Antwerp to Schiphol. The trip is included in the KLM ticket. KLM has regular campaigns to bring the train link to the attention of Belgian customers; the last time was for Antwerp Central in October 2015. Also this year, KLM had planned such campaigns. Due to the current limited capacity of Brussels Airport, KLM has decided to do the campaign now and to give Belgian customers the opportunity to fly via Schiphol. KLM flights to Brussels went from five to two flights per day due to slot allocation. It is the desire of KLM to return to a full schedule as soon as possible when we get permission from the Brussels Airport slot coordinator.