KLM cabin crew announce a 24-hour strike on 8 January


The Dutch cabin crew trade union (FNV Cabine) has called a 24-hour KLM cabin crew strike on 8 January to protest against the reduction in the number of cabin crew on long-haul flights.

The union proclaimed that “over one year now the cabin crew of the Dutch airline has been flying around the world in an unworkable situation due to the unilateral introduction of the measure. (The -1 CA measure)”

For FNV Luchtvaart it is clear: the -1 CA measure must be abolished

Ruud van Alphen, steward at KLM says: ‘We experience daily that -1 CA flying is at the expense of workability on board. It also leads to an enormous increase in the workload and our passengers are the most important victims.

KLM reacts

Consultation is and remains the key to a solution for a cabin crew CLA.

KLM has taken note of the call for a 24-hour strike in January by FNV Cabine.

KLM HR director Aart Slagt says: ‘This autumn, KLM and FNV Cabine achieved another negotiating result for a new collective labour agreement. This result was ultimately rejected by the FNV members. KLM has subsequently indicated that they want to find solutions together around the table. We have also proposed that a mediator is nominated to break this impasse.

FNV Cabine worsens the situation unnecessarily with this announcement. KLM finds this announced action to stop working for 24 hours, out of proportion. Although such an action may fit into a national agenda, this only results in losers.

Slagt adds: ‘I call on the FNV to discuss with KLM about a new collective labour agreement in the interest of KLM, its passengers and employees.

Amstelveen, 04 December 2017


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