Joon takes off for Quito in May 2019

Starting May 14th next year, the Air France network is expanding thanks to Joon, with the launch of its Paris-CDG – Quito (Ecuador) route. Customers will be able to travel between the two capitals by Airbus A340 in the comfort of the new long-haul travel cabins, with 30 seats in the Business cabin, 21 seats in the Premium Economy cabin and 227 seats in the Economy cabin. 3 weekly flights will be offered, starting at €299 including tax one way1.

Flight schedules (in local time):

AF210: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 13h10, arrives in Quito at 18:05;
AF211: leaves Quito at 19h50, arrives in Paris at 13h50 the following day.
Flights operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the summer season2.

The ancient city of Quito

Located more than 2,850 m above sea level, and built on the ruins of an Inca city, Ecuador’s capital is home to many treasures. Its historic centre, the best preserved in Latin America, is the first to be included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. From Independence Square to San Francisco Square, nothing beats getting lost in the narrow and colourful streets to discover Old Quito. Want a great view? The Panecillo peak, which stands in the middle of the city, offers a breathtaking view.

Want to go even higher? Quito, bordered by the Andes, is also the starting point for unforgettable escapades into the heart of the volcanoes, the gateway to the lush Amazonian forest and an opportunity to discover the Galapagos Islands and its protected species.

Joon, the new generation travel experience by Air France

  • Be carried away in Business, Joon takes care of everything

In the Business cabin, enjoy all the comforts of a real seat-bed. Your seat turns into a 2 meter-long seat-bed. The colours, fabrics and space ensure you will be totally relaxed in the Business cabin with all the comforts you require. Thanks to the seat’s fixed shell, you benefit from a real private space: welcome to your very own private bubble where you will receive a welcome kit and a practical and stylish comfort kit. Enjoy our in-flight entertainment offer, with more than 1,200 hours of programs on a 15.6-inch HD touch screen, as well as noise-reducing headphones. Enjoy a complete meal with dishes designed by exceptional French chefs and let yourself be tempted by a signature cocktail concocted by the Experimental Cocktail Club3  for your aperitif and prepared by your Joon crew!

  • More space in Premium Economy

The Premium Economy cabin offers you a brand new seat with optimal comfort: a 133° seat recline, 99 cm of generous legroom and a 49 cm-wide seat. In your own premium space, you benefit from specific products and services, with a comfort kit on arrival on board as well as a welcome drink. At mealtimes, your starters and desserts are inspired by those offered in the Business cabin and are accompanied by a choice of drink including champagne!

  • Stay on trend and connected in Economy

In the Economy cabin, you have 78 centimetres of legroom and a 118° seat recline. It is equipped with the latest generation touchscreen and a USB plug to recharge your devices during the flight. A full meal is also available. And if you wish, you can indulge in a drink or a sweet or savoury treat from our additional in-flight menu! Finally, feel free to optimize your comfort on board by choosing from our 70 seats available as a “Seat Plus”4 or “Seat Duo”5 paid option.

The world at your fingertips

This new offer is in addition to that of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which offers a daily flight to Quito and Guayaquil by Boeing 777 from Amsterdam-Schiphol.

The world at your fingertips with Joon:

  • To Ecuador – Quito: 3 weekly flights starting May 14th 2019
  • To Brazil – Fortaleza: 2 weekly flights, then 3 weekly flights for the 2019 winter season
  • To the Seychelles – Mahé: 3 weekly flights
  • To Egypt – Cairo: 1 daily flight
  • To South Africa – Cape Town: 3 weekly flights, then 5 weekly flights for the 2019 winter season
  • To India – Mumbai: 1 daily flight
  • To Germany – Berlin: up to 7 daily flights
  • To Spain – Barcelona: up to 7 daily flights
  • To Portugal – Lisbon with 4 daily flights and Porto with 3 weekly flights
  • To Italy – Rome with 7 daily flights and Naples with 2 daily flights
  • To Norway – Oslo: up to 3 daily flights and Bergen with one daily flight for the 2019 winter season
  • To Hungary – Budapest: 3 daily flights for the 2019 winter season
  • To Turkey – Istanbul: 1 daily flight


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