Joon flies to Cape Town


Yesterday, on Tuesday 3 April 2018, Joon operated its first flight to Cape Town in South Africa. Customers on this flight discovered Joon’s newly furbished Airbus A340, with three surprising cabins!

In Business class, sleep in a lie-flat bed and get ready for some surprises! Your seat converts into a lie-flat bed with a length of 2 metres! In terms of colours, fabrics and available space, you’ll feel at home in our Business cabin where you are free to relax as you please during your flight. Thanks to your fixed-shell seat, you benefit from a real private space – welcome to your bubble of serenity where you’ll receive a welcome kit and a practical and stylish comfort kit. Enjoy our in-flight entertainment offer with more than 1,200 hours of programmes, on a 15.6-inch HD touchscreen and a noise-reduction audio headset! Enjoy a full meal comprising dishes designed by exceptional French chefs, and for your aperitif, give in to the temptation of a signature cocktail designed by the Experimental Cocktail Club*, prepared by our Joon cabin crew!
* Cocktail bar located in the Montorgueil district of Paris.

The Premium Economy cabin is equipped with a new seat offering optimum comfort – a 133° seat recline, generous legroom of 99 cm and a wide 49cm seat. You receive special attention in your premium space – you are given a comfort kit on entering the cabin along with a welcome drink. At meal times, your starter and dessert are inspired by Business class!

In the Economy cabin, your seat offers 78cm legroom and it reclines to 118°. Your seat is equipped with a latest-generation touchscreen and a USB port to charge your devices during the flight. You also receive a free, complete meal. If you want even more choice, you are free to personalize your trip, either by choosing from among our 70 seats available on a paying-option basis – Seat Plus* or Seat Duo**, or by treating yourself to a drink or gourmet snack on purchase in our A la Carte selection on board!

* You’ll appreciate our Seat Plus for their additional legroom (34 inches) as well as being at the front of the cabin to be among the first to disembark. Price: €50 for a flight time of 9 h or less and €70 for a flight time of 9 hours or more.

** Seat Duo located on either side of the cabin next to the windows will offer you greater privacy. Price: €30

14 destinations on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle in summer 2018

– To Brazil – Fortaleza: 2 weekly flights as from 3 May (3 weekly flights in winter 2018-2019).
– To the Seychelles – Mahé: 3 weekly flights as from 5 May.

New destinations served by the Air France-KLM group
– To Egypt – Cairo: 1 daily flight as from 25 March.
– To South Africa – Cape Town: 3 weekly flights as from 3 April.
– To Iran – Tehran: 3 weekly flights as from 4 April.
– To India – Mumbai: 1 daily flight as from 18 June
– To Germany – Berlin up to 7 daily flights.
– To Spain – Barcelona up to 7 daily flights.
– To Portugal – Lisbon with 4 daily flights and Porto with 3 weekly flights.
– To Italy – Rome with 7 daily flights and Naples with 2 daily flights, as from 25 March.
– To Norway – Oslo up to 3 daily flights.
– To Turkey – Istanbul with 1 daily flight as from 25 March.

Enchanting Cape Town

Dynamic and creative, Cape Town is a cheerful destination surrounded by mountains and sea, in a majestic setting.

A sun-soaked coastal city, the Mother City has an African-chic Riviera feel to it. Its heart beats in the shade of Table Mountain, a prominent landmark overlooking the city that visitors can ascend by cable car. Cape Town knows how to live. Visitors can drink from the surrounding vineyards, a legacy of the Huguenots, and taste the products of nearby farms. With so much nature so close by, the relaxed atmosphere may remind you of its distant cousin, Sydney. Both share the barbecue culture, although feasts are cooked on the braai in Cape Town while on the barbie (not the doll!) in Sydney. This isn’t trivial – in these cultural melting pots, friendliness and smiles triumph over inequalities.


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