6 new destinations for Joon in summer 2019

  • Starting in summer 2019, Joon will serve 6 new destinations:

In Europe:

  • Madrid;
  • Stockholm;
  • Prague;
  • Manchester.

In the Caribbean:

  • Saint Martin.

In South America:

  • Quito.

Starting next summer Joon will serve 6 new destinations from Paris-CDG: Madrid* (Spain), Stockholm* (Sweden), Prague* (Czech Republic), Manchester* (UK), Saint-Martin* (France) and Quito (Ecuador).

  • Madrid, Stockholm, Prague and Manchester by Airbus A320 and A321!

From Paris-CDG, Joon will fly to Madrid, Stockholm, Prague and Manchester by Airbus A320 (174 seats) and A321 (212 seats).


In Business, Joon provides all you need! A full meal for lunch, hot pastries for breakfast and a snack at any other time of the day are available free of charge.

In Economy, there is a choice of free drinks at any time of the day. Would you like something else? A savoury snack? Or something sweet? Joon has something for everyone, with a selection of organic and gourmet products sold by the crew.

During the flight, you have free access to YouJoon, the onboard streaming offer available on your own smartphone, tablet or computer, which now offers a wide range of newspapers & magazines.

  • Enjoy the new cabins on the Airbus A340 to Saint Martin and Quito !

Flights from Paris-CDG to Saint Martin and Quito will be operated by Airbus A340 with 278 seats including 30 in Business, 21 in Premium Economy and 227 in Economy.


In Business, Premium Economy and Economy on long-haul flights, you can enjoy the new cabins on the Airbus A340, with:

  • Latest-generation individual touch screens with more than 1,200 hours of entertainment;
  • YouJoon, your onboard streaming offer available on a smartphone, tablet or computer;
  • A wide choice of TV series, newspapers & magazines, web TV, cartoons, music and games.

In business, sleep in a seat-bed and enjoy all the comforts. Your seat can be transformed into a 2-metre long bed. As far as the in-flight catering is concerned, Joon takes you on a culinary journey with dishes designed by exceptional French chefs, with savoury and sweet gourmet delights.

The Premium Economy cabin offers you a brand new seat with optimal comfort: a 133° seat recline, 99 cm of generous legroom and 49 cm wide seat. At mealtime, your starters and desserts are inspired by those served in the Business cabin and are accompanied by a drink of your choice, including champagne!

In the Economy cabin, you have 78 centimetres of legroom and a 118° seat recline. A full meal is also available. And if you wish, you can treat yourself to a drink or a sweet or savoury treat from our additional menu!


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