COVID-19: Adaptation of Air France and KLM’s commercial policy: refunds possible for cancellations after 15 May, more attractive vouchers


We have already published the new KLM conditions after cancelled flights in a previous article. Similar or better conditions now apply equally to Air France and KLM flights.

The current and unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has caused never seen situations for airlines and their customers. Since the beginning of this crisis, Air France and KLM have issued refundable vouchers as a commercial response to massive flight cancellations. These vouchers can be reimbursed after 12 months if they have not been (fully) used.

Recent developments on the global sanitary situation and the gradual lifting of quarantine measures give more clarity to the evolution of the flight schedule for the near future. Therefore, Air France and KLM have decided to adjust their refund policy for flight cancellations taking place on 15th May and after. Concerned customers will be offered the choice of a voucher or a cash refund. However, in view of the magnitude of this crisis and the number of cancellations, it may take longer to process these transactions. Air France and KLM thank their customers for their understanding in these exceptional circumstances.

Air France and KLM also enhance the attractiveness of the vouchers, issued before or after 15th May by adding a bonus of 15% to the total value of the initial ticket. This extra value can be used for a new booking but will not be included in the cash payout after 12 months if no new booking has been made.

Air France and KLM teams are working on the technical implementation of the enhancement of these vouchers. Further details will be communicated in the coming days.


  1. Can you please highlight about the flights cancelled before 14th May?
    More flights got cancelled March-mid May and all those customers don’t get cash refund.
    The law has never changed it is the passengers right always there regardless of this date.
    We should be heard and another action from the authority needs be taken.

  2. I have been a loyal passenger onboard of KLM flights. I have valued KLM’s punctuality, reliability and nice customer service. I have brought my entire family and friends to KLM.

    I need to say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed with what KLM pulled off on me and my family in recent weeks. Upon my requests for refunds on flights that KLM cancelled, KLM has been sending me stonewalling emails, with incorrect, misleading and inaccurate information.

    On the one hand, I understand they are trying to preserve cash. However, gaslighting a passenger like myself is never a good idea. They refused to issue a refund, which my family and I were entitled to under the contract of carriage and the laws.

    I have lost trust and confidence in the company, and I will be sending emails to Delta to also complain about their partner.

  3. KLM’s procedure is lawful and shameful. Most flights were canceled in March and April. EU law, which provides for a refund for canceled flights, has been in place throughout. No airline can ignore this, because if it do, it is committing an infringement. Not only flights canceled after May 14th will be refunded, but also those canceled before that date. I hope that the European Commission will now not only warn but also penalize KLM. Outrageous what they do. I will never travel with them and and they lose a lot of other passengers.

  4. Means, Air France – KLM declares that they keep breaching the lows and regulations (EC261/2004). What a 4 start company!

  5. The legal situation is perfectly clear. If the airline cancelles the flight they have 7 days to refund the money. After that you should send a written reminder with a deadline, after which you can contact your credit card company (if paid by card), and demand a charge back of the full price.
    I dare not travel with a company that so blatantly disobeys the law, what else do they not bother about then when it doesn’t suit them?
    A proper journalistic article would have mentioned the fact that they are acting illegally, and not just written that they had made their vouchers more “attractive”.


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