Massive reactions on Twitter about 7 News Adelaide video showing Air France Airbus going around during windy conditions


According to 7 News Adelaide, passengers had a “terrifying experience” onboard a plane in the United Kingdom. “An Air France flight had to abort its landing after encountering severe winds,” the tv channel announced. On social media, however, the news item was quickly regarded as sensationalism, as a go-around is a standard procedure and this procedure happens with an average rate of 1-3 per 1,000 approaches (*).

(*) Go-arounds occur with an average rate of 1–3 per 1000 approaches. There is a large variation of go-around rates among different aircraft operators and operational environments. A go-around is not an emergency, and may be necessary for a number of reasons. Some of those include; unstable, unable to land in the touchdown zone, not in correct configuration, directed by ATC, obstacle on the runway (aircraft, vehicle, animal), or aircraft controllability issues. (source wikipedia)

Some comments on social media

Jim Stewart: “Um. Yeah. This is entirely normal and entirely not news. There are *literally* (real use of that word) thousands of videos showing similar landings around the world on YouTube. It probably happens somewhere on earth every day. How and why did this make it to broadcast TV news?!

Carlos Cortez: “This is a completely normal crosswind approach. Pilot doesn’t like it, goes around. Textbook #tabloid #patheticreporting

Jon Ostrower: “We found this video where a vehicle does a thing it was designed to do by the people trained to operate it safely and it kind of moves weird so we decided to scare you because being informed isn’t in our budget and it’s cheaper than finding real news.

Scott Bateman: “I am really getting sick of this negative reporting. This is two professionals taking a measured decision to go-around and have another go in challenging winds. IT IS SAFE NOT PETRIFYING. I didnt see any reports of passengers praise pilot for safe experience!! Lazy journalism.

John Neilson: “Garbage journalism due to no real knowledge of the subject matter. Do some research first please – pilots are trained to take no safety risks. If either pilot is unhappy with the approach the correct decision is to go around and try again.

Colin Jordaan: “Get a life 7 News! Pathetic journalism. This was a perfectly normal response to windy conditions which the pilots handled in text book fashion. A very smooth and controlled go-around maneuver.


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