Twice bad luck in two days for an Air France Airbus A318

Air France Airbus A318 © André Orban

On 21 January, an Air France Airbus A318-100 (registered F-GUGP) operated domestic flight AF7470 from Paris Orly to Perpignan, France. During take-off, the aircraft suffered a right engine failure: bangs were heard and several multiple streaks of flames were seen. 

The pilots switched off the right hand engine and decided to head back to Paris Orly for a safe landing. The following footage appeared on social media:

The day before, on 20 January, the same aircraft operated flight AF-362V from Paris Orly to Algiers, Algeria. While flying near Barcelona, Spain, however, the pilots informed the passengers that the aircraft lost its left-hand engine electrical generator. The pilots and Air France operations then decided to head back to Paris Orly for a safe and normal landing.


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