The ban on short domestic flights in France, a measure devoid of substance


An article in the French newspaper “Le Monde” discusses the ban on short domestic flights in France and highlights that the measure lacks substance and will have limited effects on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The ban, which aims to replace easily replaceable flights with alternative modes of transport, only applies to three routes: Paris-Orly to Bordeaux, Paris-Orly to Lyon, and Paris-Orly to Nantes. These routes represent a small fraction of France’s domestic air traffic: one route out of 40.

The ban falls short of the initial ambitions proposed by the Citizen’s Convention on Climate, which called for the elimination of flights with alternative train journeys of less than four hours. The ban is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 55,000 tonnes per year, which is a small percentage of overall emissions from domestic flights and the aviation sector.

The article concludes by comparing the carbon footprints of different modes of transportation, highlighting the significantly lower emissions of cars and high-speed trains compared to domestic flights.


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