Roll-out of Air France’s two new tugs


To tow aircraft weighing several hundred tons, unique tractors are required, known as tugs. This year, Air France has launched a plan for the renewal of its ramp equipment and in mid-December 2017 took delivery of two new tugs, the TPX-200-MTX. These new-generation aircraft tractors, intended to tow the company’s larger aircraft, except the A380, will replace the old equipment after 20 years of loyal service and over one million tons towed.

Oversize equipment

With its unconventional dimensions, 17 tons, 8.5 metres long, 4 metres wide, 2 metres high, an impressive capacity and 380 tons of traction capacity, this new equipment boasts many assets. It offers simplified maintenance, additional comfort, advanced electronic features and is more environmentally friendly.

Made in France

At the time of selecting its new equipment, the company decided to choose a French manufacturer. The TPX-200-MTX is produced in French factories, promoting economic development and employment in France and limiting the environmental impact of transport.

Watch the exclusive video and go behind the scenes of the delivery of these brand new tugs.


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