End of strike action by Air France cabin crew



On Tuesday 2 August 2016, the seventh and last day of the strike action by cabin crew, Air France operations are running in line with the forecast announced yesterday.

Traffic forecast for Wednesday 3 August 2016

On Wednesday 3 August 2016, Air France expects the flight schedule to return to normal.

However, there may be some last-minute disruptions on this first day following the strike.

Continued social dialogue

Air France management today invited the Cabin Crew unions to resume negotiations in August.

It hopes to allow time for peaceful negotiations.

Assessment of the strike action

In total, close to 1,400 flights were cancelled during the 7 days of strike action and approximately 180,000 customers were affected.

The direct cost of the strike is estimated at over 90 million euros.

More than 7,500 Air France agents did all they could at the call centers, ticket offices and at outstations to provide solutions to customers and to minimize the inconvenience caused. The commitment of ground staff and crews enabled Air France to maintain more than 80% of short and medium-haul flights and more than 90% of long-haul flights. More than 70% of affected customers were offered alternative solutions before the departure of their flight.

Since Monday 25 July 2016, more than 1.1 million text messages and emails have been sent to inform customers individually and in real time.

Air France apologizes once again to its customers who had to endure this unfortunate strike action at the height of the summer season.

Tuesday 2 August 2016