[Coronavirus] Air France puts 80% of its employees on temporary unemployment


Air France has been hit very hard by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Hence, the airline will take drastic measures to stop its financial drain. The airline’s management will make an announcement to its social partners tomorrow (16 March). In practice, Air France will set up a massive partial unemployment plan, touching 80% of the nearly 40,000 employees. Only employees who exercise vital functions will be be “spared“. This news was announced by French quality newspaper Le Monde.

Next week, the airline will decide which measures exactly it will take. On Thursday, 12 March, President Emmanuel Macron decided to grant tax deferrals to the company and will take in charge the entirety of the compensation of the partially unemployed workers.

We are going to take advantage of the measures taken by the state to put our activities on hold so we will be able to rebound as soon as possible as soon as traffic picks up again,” the management said.


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