Air France unveils its new La Première comfort kit


Since February, Air France’s La Première customers have been enjoying brand new comfort kits. In partnership with Carita, on board its long-haul flights the company offers all the essentials for an instant beauty-enhancing effect.

The new La Première comfort kit is revealed!

The La Première kit will then become a useful item in our customers’ daily lives, a great place to keep watches, jewellery and other personal belongings. An elegant object in its own right, the new kit, with “designer” detail, bears the La Première logo and the seahorse, the symbol of Air France.

This exclusive model, available in two colours, invites each passenger to enhance their beauty in the sky thanks to four carefully selected Carita treatments:

  • A continuous moisturising Lagoon face cream;
  • A Supreme wrinkle solution for the eyes, to reduce circles and dark lines;
  • A luxury hand cream;
  • A luxury lip balm;
  • An exclusive offer for a hair treatment and styling session*;
  • A face pack;
  • Ear plugs;
  • A comb;
  • A pen.



Carita, a professional luxury brand of beauty products, accompanies La Première customers on board Air France flights equipped with the La Première designer suites. In addition to the luxury products to be found in the new La Première comfort kit, the French brand of cosmetics, at the service of enhanced beauty, also offers make-up removers and moisturizing treatments available to all La Première passengers at any time during their flight:

  • “L’Eau Lactée”, a gentle and milky eye make-up remover;
  • A Lagoon spray, moisturising and relaxing for perfectly clean and radiant skin;
  • “Fluide de beauté 14”, an ultra-nourishing oil for face, body and dry hair**;
  • “Lait de beauté 14”, a moisturiser that provides intense nourishment to indulge the dry skin on your body**.

* Free with any purchase of a 1 hour 30 minute face treatment and valid exclusively at La Maison de Beauté Carita Faubourg.
** Available only on board A380 aircraft equipped with La Première cabins.

Monday 20 February 2017


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