Air France statement on cargo flight AF6724 from Paris CDG to Mexico (Crew entered wrong data in computer)


Air France confirms that a data insertion error on take-off of cargo flight AF6724 operated by a Boeing 777 F from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Mexico on 22 May 2015 led to insufficient acceleration at the beginning of take-off.

The crew, who noticed this slow acceleration, immediately reacted by applying full thrust.

The aircraft took off normally and the flight continued to its destination.

The crew spontaneously declared this event by ASR (Air Safety Report) and informed their superiors. At Air France, safety is our top priority and pilots are encouraged to routinely back up this information in order to maintain flight safety at the highest level.

The crew’s mission stopped in Mexico City.

Air France immediately informed all its pilots of this event. The BEA was informed.

Based on our current knowledge, we did not detect any situation likely to cause an accident.



The incident is related in this Reuters report:

Exclusive: Air France faces new safety probe after freighter takeoff scare

In brief: Air France faces its second safety investigation in as many weeks after pilots were forced to recover in mid-takeoff after entering the wrong data into the computer of a cargo jet. The mistake over the plane’s weight was discovered when the Boeing 777 freighter accelerated too slowly while starting off down the runway at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport on May 22.




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