Air France sets up a data centralization platform for new customer services


At its #AFDigidays afterwork session, Air France presented its “data” strategy to further improve customer service.

At the end of 2015, Air France set up a data centralization platform containing considerable amounts of information about its customers (89.8 million passengers carried by the Air France-KLM Group every year) and which can be accessed in real time by Air France staff and crews working in direct contact with the customer.

All the data is contained here, from the time customers research their trip, make a booking, take their flight, interact on social media, contact call centers or visit airport lounges, so that by the end of 2016 a genuine “360°” vision of the customer is available. A dedicated organization coordinates the use of this tool by all sectors in direct contact with the customer.

Data at the service of greater customer proximity

This platform enables Air France to personalize customer relations in a caring and innovative way, by personalizing its offers according to the customer’s profile, the country or city of residence, as well as their travel habits. Today, Air France is able to send customers the offers that are most suited to them and only those that may be of interest to them.

Better data centralization throughout the customer’s trip enables the company to provide Air France agents and customers with reliable, real-time information. For example, Air France airport staff and crews now have tablets that enable them to access centralized information so they can respond at any time to customer inquiries.

The combination of the possibilities offered by the data with those of mobile terminals will soon enable Air France to offer customers geotagged information about their trip via its application. In this way, customers will receive information about their flight in real time, such as how long it will take to get to the airport, which boarding gate they have to go to and the flight’s last call.

On the strength of this data strategy, Air France is among the few pioneering international economic players who not only possess data with high added value and in huge quantities, but use this data in a targeted and personalized way to provide its customers with a better service and offer its staff greater scope for action. In this framework, the Company guarantees its customers strict compliance with privacy laws.

“With this data, in a minimum number of contacts, Air France creates proximity that is never intrusive with each of its customers, allowing it to adapt the experience in real time according to individual expectations. This caring attitude implies considering that not only is each customer unique but also that each circumstance is specific. The future is about producing highly personalized products and services for every circumstance on an industrial scale, showcasing the best in human expertise and the endless possibilities of the digital world. This is the philosophy of Air France-KLM’s strategic plan for 2020, which has set us the aim to become the leading airline group in terms of caring attitude, from the time customers plan their ticket purchase to the time they arrive home after their trip”, explained Adeline Challon-Kemoun, Executive Vice-President Marketing, Digital and Communication, Air France-KLM.

Friday 1 July 2016


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