Air France and Orange test Wi-Fi on board short- and medium-haul flights


As from summer 2015 and during a three-month trial phase, Air France and Orange will offer Wi-Fi access on board two Airbus A320s on the short and medium-haul networks.

Air France and Orange test Wi-Fi on board short and medium-haul flights

Stay connected with internet in the sky 

Customers travelling on two Air France short and medium-haul Airbus A320s will be able to surf the internet, read their emails, watch live TV or enjoy their favourite series with a fee-paying* Wi-Fi ac-cess offered by Orange.

Passengers will be able to use their laptops, tablets or smartphones to connect via Wi-Fi to the internet or a portal offering a wide choice of entertainment (live TV, movies, series and music) as well as practical information aimed at making their journey even more enjoyable (connecting flight times, services available at the destination, etc.).


Being permanently connected has become an integral part of many of our customer’s daily lives, notably for business travelers on our short and medium-haul flights. This innovative project conducted in partnership with Orange intends to meet this high expectation as closely as possible. With this Wi-Fi offer on board our aircraft, we also wish to remain on the cutting edge of developments in digital technology” stated Frédéric Gagey, Chairman and CEO of Air France.

In-flight Wi-Fi is something that everyone is eager to experience and we are very happy to be able to meet their expectations thanks to this project conducted with Air France, a partner of reference.  This is a new demonstration of the Orange group’s capacity to innovate, which is mobilizing all its expertise in the area of networks, content and business”, added Delphine Ernotte Cunci, Deputy Senior Executive Orange France.


As part of this joint project, Air France Industries is in charge of installing the equipment required for operating and maintaining the WiFi service on the two aircraft. Orange Business Services oversees the technological solution – from the supply of the satellite network, which allows to offer a Wi-Fi connection on board, to the portal accessible by passengers.

Air France and Orange respond to their customers’ needs 

To consolidate Air France and Orange’s innovative project, a BVA study revealed that passengers are looking for a simple in-flight Wi-Fi access, free of engagement. 78% of Air France customers say that they are interested in having access to the internet via Wi-Fi on board. 28% of passengers say that they are willing to pay for this service if the price is suitable.

Source: study by BVA, a market and opinion research agency, carried out among over 2,000 Air France customers.

*Offer subscription terms and conditions available from Orange in 2015.

Thursday 27 November 2014


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