Why Air France must apply new restrictions on entry into the U.S. territory


On 28 January 2017, Air France was informed by the Government of the United States of new restrictions on entry into the territory, applicable without delay.

Like all airlines, Air France is obliged to comply with the requirements for entry into the territory of the countries it serves and is therefore not authorised to board passengers knowingly for a destination to which access is forbidden to them. In doing so, Air France only complies with the international rules governing air transport, which it is bound to respect.

Air France was thus ordered not to embark 15 passengers on a flight to New York, those passengers being nationals of countries listed by the decree. All other airlines operating flights to the United States proceeded in the same manner.

Air France has no other concern than to protect its customers, including against the possible consequences of an arrival in a country whose access is prohibited, and to limit as much as possible the inconvenience caused by the decision of the American authorities. Systems were immediately put in place to inform upstream the passengers concerned and to help those who wish to reach their destination. None of them were left unaided.


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