Air France launches “Ready to fly”, a pre-travel health document verification service


  • An innovative service allowing customers to ensure they have all the required health documents before going to the airport,
  • A smoother journey on the day of departure, by eliminating successive checks.

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, Air France has been doing everything possible to assist its customers by enabling them to easily check the health documents required by the authorities of their destination country. This information is updated in real time on the website.

With “Ready to Fly”, the airline goes one step further by offering its customers the certainty of knowing that they have all the health documents required for their trip before they arrive at the airport.

A few days before departure, customers travelling on eligible flights receive an email inviting them to upload their health documents on an Air France online platform. These documents are then checked and if they are complete and correct, a confirmation message is sent to the customer. The boarding passes issued will then be marked “Ready to Fly”, enabling them to be processed quickly by Air France teams at the airport on the day of departure.

If a document is missing or incomplete, customers receive a notification message inviting them to transfer the missing documents or to present them at the airport on the day of their trip.

With “Ready to Fly”, Air France ensures its customers enjoy a relaxed start to their journey, knowing that they have all the documents they need to board their flight. This free and optional service also ensures a smoother customer journey through the airport, by eliminating successive checks.

Successfully tested since June, “Ready to Fly” will be available from July 17 on flights from Paris to Corsica and French overseas destinations, before being gradually rolled out over the summer to a growing number of destinations.

A similar scheme was introduced at sister company KLM two days ago.



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