Air France-KLM Group steps up cooperation with Qantas Group

  • Air France, KLM and Qantas enhance collaboration and joint frequent flyer proposition
  • New travel options to Southeast Asian and Australian destinations via additional Air France KLM codesharing on Qantas and Jetstar flights
  • Loyalty programmes collaborate to enhance customer value proposition

After the resumption of codeshare cooperation in 2018, offering best-in-class solutions to fly between Europe and Australia via Singapore and Hong Kong, the Air France-KLM Group and Qantas Group have continued working on further cooperation opportunities for the benefit of their respective customers.

Starting 9 December 2019 members of Flying Blue, the loyalty programme used by the airlines of the Air France-KLM Group, can earn1 miles and XP (Experience Points) as well as spend miles on Qantas flights.

Flying Blue elite members will also have access to additional benefits such as priority airport services and additional checked baggage allowance when travelling on Qantas.

New Codeshare with Jetstar

By the end of December, both Air France and KLM plan to launch a codeshare cooperation with JetStar Airways and Jetstar Asia Airways, two airlines which are part of the Qantas Group portfolio, connecting respectively in Denpasar and Singapore, thus expanding customer travel options to Southeast Asia and Australia.

Air France and KLM customers will benefit from a seamless travel experience with single ticket itineraries and through-checked baggage.

Under this agreement, Air France and KLM customers will have access to a wider range of destinations in Southeast Asia. Connecting in Singapore from Amsterdam or Paris, Air France and KLM will place their code on 12 additional destinations2 operated by Jetstar Asia Airways: Da Nang (Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Denpasar (Indonesia), Medan (Indonesia), Surabaya (Indonesia), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Kula Lumpur (Malaysia), Penang (Malaysia), Phuket (Thailand), Yangon (Myanmar), and Darwin (Australia).

During the winter 2019 season, KLM plans to implement codeshares with Jetstar Airways providing itineraries beyond its Denpasar flight to four destinations in Australia: Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney2.

Also expected during December 2019, Air France, KLM and Qantas will extend their codeshare to flights connecting in Bangkok, on top of the existing codeshare via Singapore and Hong Kong, and providing a third route to connect Amsterdam and Paris with Sydney.

Additionally, the two airline groups continue to explore opportunities like potential cooperation with airport lounges.

We are very pleased to expand our collaborative partnership with Qantas,” said Benjamin Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Air France-KLM Group. “By combining our powerful European brands, Air France and KLM, with the Qantas Group as a strong partner in Australia, we are able to offer more options to our customers travelling to Australia and to Southeast Asia, while reinforcing the value proposition of our loyalty programme.”

Beyond Amsterdam to Singapore flights, KLM will place their code to 9 destinations operated by JetStar Asia Airways: Da Nang – Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, Medan – Indonesia, Surabaya – Indonesia, Phnom Penh – Cambodia, Siem Reap – Cambodia, Penang – Malaysia, Phuket – Thailand, Yangon – Myanmar. Beyond Amsterdam to Denpasar flights, KLM will place their codeshare on 4 destinations in Australia operated by JetStar Airways: Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

“We are excited to forge close ties and extend our partnership with Qantas further. It will help to drive tourism and economic and cultural exchange between The Netherlands and Australia, by facilitating reciprocal leisure and business travel. Our codeshare arrangements with JetStar Airways and JetStar Asia Airways and the addition of their extensive networks to our schedule marks another milestone in our Joint Business. This is great news for our customers who now have even more flexibility when travelling between Europe and Asia,”
says KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers.

(1) Earning of miles and XP is only possible on Qantas operated flights that are marketed by Air France, KLM or Qantas

(2) All subject to governmental authorisations


André Orban: M. Sc. Engineering
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