Air France chooses Michelin as its exclusive tyre supplier as part of an ambitious ten-year partnership

Boeing 777-300 Chassis © Dmirty A. Mottl — CC BY-SA 3.0,
  • For the next 10 years, the Michelin group will equip the Air France fleet with tyres produced in France.
  • Air France and Michelin are extending their historic partnership to develop services and solutions for a more sustainable aviation industry.

Air France has renewed its trust in Michelin and has selected the French group as the exclusive tyre supplier for its aircraft fleet. The Michelin Group will equip the company’s short-, medium- and long-haul aircrafT (1) with new or retreaded tyres notably produced at the Saint Doulchard plant in Bourges, France.

Air France’s aircraft will be equipped with the most modern aircraft tyres, such as Radial Michelin® AIR X tyres incorporating NZG (Near Zero Growth) technology. Designed to guarantee a constant tyre diametre, this technology provides aircraft tyres with greater durability and exceptional resistance.

A long-term partnership focused on innovation and the development of ever more sustainable aviation

Pioneers in the field of French aviation and historic partners, Air France and Michelin have always shared a common DNA: innovation at the service of performance and safety.

Between 2010 and 2020, the partnership has enabled Air France to benefit from all the latest technologies developed by Michelin. Over the next ten years, both groups will continue to work together and steer the field of innovation towards a shared ambition, to reduce the carbon footprint. Michelin takes an active part in European research programmes and is working on breakthrough technologies to continue to lighten its tyres and associated systems and to mechanically reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on each flight.

Air France and Michelin will also extend their partnership to digital and other services. Michelin will offer Air France even more ambitious solutions such as its innovative recycling channels, its high-performance ecological resins and its 3D metal and plastic printing expertise. This broadening of the partnership’s scope is made possible by Michelin’s recent diversification of its areas of activity and know-how.

These initiatives will help Air France achieve the ambitious sustainable development objectives it has set, including a 50% reduction in its CO2 emissions per passenger/km by 2030.

“More than just a supplier, the Michelin Group is a long-standing partner of Air France. We are delighted to be equipping our aircraft with tyres Made in France and to be extending our collaboration to new fields of innovation. This new agreement paves the way for ambitious projects that will enable us to accelerate the reduction of our environmental footprint, which is one of Air France’s priorities.” said Géry Mortreux, EVP Engineering & Maintenance at Air France.

“We are honoured by the trust Air France has placed in us by choosing Michelin as its trusted partner for the next ten years. This commitment naturally includes equipping its entire fleet with high-performance tyres. Guaranteeing a high level of safety in extreme conditions and a large number of landings, Michelin tyres are particularly well suited to new-generation aircraft. Lighter in weight, they also offer significant fuel savings, helping to make aviation even more sustainable. This partnership will also enable us to explore new growth areas for both our groups, beyond the supply of tyres.” said Mauro Sponza, Director of Aeronautical Activities at Michelin.


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