Air France to help in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris

Fire at Notre-Dame cathedral © LeLaisserPasserA38 in Wikipedia

With the dramatic fire that struck Notre-Dame de Paris, it is a symbol of the history of France, known around the world, which is now reached.

All Air France and Air France-KLM teams around the world have since been deeply affected and saddened.

That’s why Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM, made the decision with Anne-Marie Couderc, President of Air France-KLM, and Anne Rigail, Chief Executive Officer of Air France, which Air France will ensure the free transport of all the official persons who will take part in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

In addition, the Air France-KLM Group will set up a voluntary collection system for its customers in the coming days to help finance the reconstruction work.


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