Air France and the whole French aviation sector hope to increase their competitiveness with the “Assises du Transport Aérien”


The first French Assises du transport aérien begin today on 20 March 2018, in the presence of French Transport Minister, Elisabeth Borne, and should be concluded by the Prime Minister at the end of September. Air France would like the Assises to be the occasion, for the State, to define a new strategy in support of the French air transport sector, intended to promote its development and allow it to resume its rightful place in global growth.

The main challenge concerns competitiveness and the French flag carrier’s current incapacity to capture a significant share of air transport growth. Today, French airlines capture approximately 10% of air transport growth, which is very low. France, therefore, suffers from a competitiveness gap with its European neighbours, estimated at several hundred million euros. It is, therefore, necessary to restore, in conditions of fair competition, an economic and social environment for French air transport, comparable to that of our main European competitors.

Conferences, round tables and working groups will be organized over the next six months. Air France will take part in the discussions and the different projects supported by these Assises, for which five themes have been identified – economic performance, performance for the benefit of passengers and innovation, social performance, performance geared to better serving the French regions, and environmental performance.

The company is a power of persuasion in each of these themes and notably demands measures aimed at decreasing taxes, better regulation of airport charges, the implementation of new technologies for customers, training of employees in the air transport sector of the future, and fighting fraud.

Air France is therefore fully involved in the joint construction of proposals, together with all the air transport players.


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